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Tour de Piss

‘Excuse my French’ so to speak … Tour de Piss is unsanctioned event held yearly on a chosen Summer evening by a group of misguided individuals. It doesn’t take a genius to work out from the events name it is a tour on bikes involving alcohol, the rest might need a little explaining. This social gathering takes place in the Badlands area of the county on very unhealthy cycles or other wheeled contraptions sporting fancy dress, the theme is dictated by the underground organisers. This year’s theme was tv shows and any twist in them to fit the acquired outfit…

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Starting at the Blue Bar in Porthtowan the route ascends up-to the Victory and the first leg is complete where the winner is presented with a dirty pint filled with a concussion of spirits and Guinness 🤮

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From there the road to the shire is a long one with the St Agnes Hotel being the next stop and another disgusting pint for the winner of the stage. This is where things get entertaining with onlookers curious and amused at the carnage unravelling. 

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The final stage this year was all downhill from the Aggie Hotel all the way down to spooners on the beach, remarkably everyone survived both descents down town hill and Trevaunance road.

I cannot possibly disclose the individuals involved or what organisation they came from…. All I can say is anyone swimming on the beaches in that area the following day would have been doing so solely at their own risk 🤣.